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I'm a dreamer of the impossible named Meghan. You can find me living somewhere in the deciduous forests of Pennsylvania.

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I enjoy exploring abandoned places, wearing ugly sweaters, and watching scary movies in the dark. I'm also very upset that Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

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-Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2
-Agents Of SHIELD S2
-Doctor Who S8
-Sleepy Hollow S2
-Reign S2
-Supernatural S10
-Modern Family S6
-Orange Is The New Black S1


-The Maze Runner by James Dashner



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    © accioloki

    I’d like a Destiel fic based on A Very Long Engagement, please. I really wish I could write right now.


    We’re listening to Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, and my Mom said that it’s the perfect song to describe Dean and Cas’ current relationship.

    Apparently my Mom is now applying 80’s pop songs to describe something I didn’t even know she cared about.

    Whom do I have to bribe to write that fic for me?

    I want a Dean/Cas fic based on ‘A Very Long Engagement’.

    Someone please write it for me.

    Sleepthief Eurydice The Dawkseeker

    Listen to this and try not to cry.

    Sometimes I think about Cas getting drunk and calling in to a radio station and dedicating “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” by Chicago to Dean, and when Dean turns on the radio and hears it, he doesn’t know whether he should feel touched, or be horrified by the fact that Cas listens to Chicago.

    I wonder if Dean secretly flips through Cosmo sometimes and reads the articles about “how to please your man in bed” and tries to gain insight from them.

    I also wonder if Cas has ever caught him doing this.


    At the moment,  this song is perfect for Dean/Cas.


    At the moment,  this song is perfect for Dean/Cas.

    The Memories of Days Gone By

    An amazing deancas fic written by Corey. Check it out and let him know what you think.