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I'm a dreamer of the impossible named Meghan. You can find me living somewhere in the deciduous forests of Pennsylvania.

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I enjoy exploring abandoned places, wearing ugly sweaters, and watching scary movies in the dark. I'm also very upset that Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

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-Doctor Who S8
-In The Flesh S1


-The Maze Runner by James Dashner



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    © accioloki
    posted 1 year ago | via | © | 346 #omfg #DANNEEL
        Yeah, once. I punched a girl at an abandoned gas station. She was this badass named Paula who was picking on me at school. I was driving by the gas station, and Paula’s sitting there on a row of seats she took out of the back of her van, waving and making obscene gestures. So I pulled up with my car and thought, ‘Let’s get this over with. If you’re going to do something, let’s do it.’ This story is so red neck. My friend Laurie was with me, and Laurie’s like, ‘If you’re going to hit her, hit her while she’s sitting.’ And so I did. I punched her so hard that instantly her face was puffy. Then I walked quickly back to my car. She never retaliated. Everyone at school left me alone. I was respected after that. That was my only fight, only it wasn’t really a fight.
    — Danneel Ackles when asked “have you ever been in a real scrap?” (via freckledbuttchester)



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