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I'm a dreamer of the impossible named Meghan. You can find me living somewhere in the deciduous forests of Pennsylvania.

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I enjoy exploring abandoned places, wearing ugly sweaters, and watching scary movies in the dark. I'm also very upset that Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

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-Brooklyn Nine-Nine S2
-Agents Of SHIELD S2
-Doctor Who S8
-Sleepy Hollow S2
-Reign S2
-Supernatural S10
-Modern Family S6
-Orange Is The New Black S1


-The Maze Runner by James Dashner



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    © accioloki
    posted 2 years ago | 1759 #misha collins #gishwhes #rome #good times


    This is probably my favorite picture from 2012. 

    I must say that this is the best picture I’ve ever taken! (x)

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      is probably my favorite picture from 2012. I must say that this is the best picture I’ve ever taken! (x)