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I'm a dreamer of the impossible named Meghan. You can find me living somewhere in the deciduous forests of Pennsylvania.

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I enjoy exploring abandoned places, wearing ugly sweaters, and watching scary movies in the dark. I'm also very upset that Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

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-Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey S1
-Agents Of SHIELD S2
-Doctor Who S8
-Sleepy Hollow S2
-Modern Family S6
-Orphan Black S1


-The Maze Runner by James Dashner



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    Make Me Choose | elizabetbennet asked: Arwen or Eowyn?

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    Day 3 - Dallascon 2014

    (Do not use without credit)

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    → about Simon and Kieren (pt. I(x)

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    i’m pleased to announce the first of the Knights of Camelot:

    i will be messaging you asking for your tumblr email address (so i can add you to the chat blog), a short description and a square icon (alternatively i can just use your avatar, entirely up to you).

    please remember to track the tag #knightsofcamelotnet and put a link to the network page somewhere on your blog. 

    i will be picking new members as and when i feel like it, so if you’d like to join, check this out here.

    Thank you! I’m so excited!

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    I’m jumping on the bandwagon and doing my first ever BOTM! I’m sorry that this is so late and very close to the beginning of October!

    • Must be following this confused radish
    • Reblog to enter; like to bookmark only
    • This must get at least 40 notes or it never happened
    • Ends on October 4th
    • Winners and runner-ups will be announced on October 5th
    • There will be one winner and a couple runner-ups
    What I'm Looking For:
    • Fandom blogs only (There’s probably a good chance that the winner is going to be a mutifandom blog so keep that in mind)
    • A super fantastic blog (a clean theme, URLs aren’t a big deal to me, and fab posts that make my cats happy)
    • If you make things that’s cool, if you don’t make things that’s cool too
    • And most importantly a super awesome, sweet blogger
    The Winner Shall Receive:
    • A follow from me if I’m not following you already for some weird reason
    • A super special spot in my updates tab
    • An awesome promo and short essay on how amazing the winner is when announced
    • Unlimited promos whenever you want (in October)
    • Help with things like selfies, polls, advice, etc.
    • My undying love for all of October eternity
    • In summary I’m basically your slave for all of October
    The Runners-Up Shall Receive:
    • A follow from me if not already
    • A spot in my updates tab
    • A group promo with a short blurb about how awesome the runners-up are when announced
    • Three promos spread throughout the month
    • Information on alien technology??? You can all share it
    • My undying love for all of October eternity

    Yeah, that’s basically it. HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!

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     it’s got to help someone

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    buckythevampireslayer: Ginny Weasley, 16